İlmi Etüdler Derneği(İLEM) 12-13 Aralık Tarihleri arasında Sakarya'da "Göç ve Toplumsal Değişme" - "Migration and Socio-Cultural Change" - serlevhalı bir sempozyum gerçekleştiriyor. Yerli ve yabancı bir çok araştırmacı, akademisyen'in katılacağı sempozyumun sonuçlarının toplumdaki bazı yaralara merhem olması, bazı hastalıklara reçete sunmasını ümit ediyoruz.

Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) calls for papers for 5th STT-MENA Conference on “Migration and Socio-Cultural Change” on December 12-13, 2016 in Sakarya, Turkey. In this conference, scholars from various disciplines will discuss different aspects and effects of migration in societies of the region and the world.
The conference aims to go beyond current agenda and perspectives on the topic and highlight new dimensions to promote new ideas in the study of migration through theoretical and methodological discussions and cases of interdisciplinary field works.

International Conference on Social Thought and Theory in the MENA Region (STT-MENA) revolves around issues of social thought and is open to intellectuals from all around the world. It aims to become one of the main platform of highlighting issues of social thought, and providing an environment to discuss historical and contemporary problems. The priority of the conference are demonstrating good examples of theory-building, methodological queries, and research proposals with free-thinking and open-mindedness. It also supports senior and junior academicians of the region to come together to deepen scholarly connections. The conference is supervised by a committee of distinguished scholars in the region, and hosted annually by one university or academic institution.